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Acts Chapter 2 is by universal belief the start of the church.  There is not a Christian church on earth, regardless of belief, that does not claim this portion of the Bible as their origin.  Churches that have never heard the sound of speaking in tongues or seen anyone baptized in the Name of Jesus look to Acts Chapter 2 as their starting place.  How they accord their present belief with the events told in the Bible is an entertaining adventure.  The list of excuses is the tragedy of the last day churches.  The most common is that those experiences of Acts 2 were for the first century and, therefore, no longer necessary.  Then it was just for the Jews.  The fact that Gentiles shared in those salvation experiences is ignored.  I have heard that the early church had such difficulty believing Jesus that He sent a special experience just for them, so since we all have more faith we don't need the Holy Ghost or Jesus Name baptism.  Literally unbelievable.  Thank God we still believe it just like the Bible says. 

Pastor Brown