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The residents of Phoenix are famous for the extreme temperatures we endure in the summer.  Every year we hear the latest jokes about how hot it is in our town.  And they are right - it is hot in the summer.  So our weather is the subject of humor.  I have many times in my life heard jokes about hell, also.  Sometimes the jokes are very similar.  You too have heard them.  There will be so many air-conditioning men in hell surely they can lower the temperature.  There will be so many lawyers in hell they can get us all out on bail.  Ha-ha.  We all have laughed.  The problem is that it really is hot in Phoenix, and it really will be hot in hell.  The problem with the humor is there may be some misguided souls that lose the seriousness of the situation in the humor.  There is a hell, and I don't want to go.

Pastor Ray Brown